Welcome…  StockJocknRoll.com (SJnR)was created to educate the investor, whether novice or experienced, on how to take control of their financial destiny by teaching them to Plan, Prolong, and Protect Investments.

StockJocknRoll is a multi-faceted venture with a primary focus on the financial markets and a secondary focus on sports, music and life.  SJnR will offer stories and opinions on pertinent topics of the day or week.

Additionally, SJnR host occasional live webcast on DayTradioRadio.com.  We’ll be tackling the intricacies of market analysis (technical and fundamental), and various other topics, both sensical and non-sensical.

There’s an ancient Chinese proverb that states: “May you live interesting times”.  The true meaning is open to individual interpretation.  But no matter how it’s perceived, it’s safe to say that certainly the past, present, and future financial environment can be classified as “interesting”.  If you’re intrigued by “interesting”, you’ve come to the right place.


Thanks for visiting, and please continue to check in as StockJocknRoll.com morphs into a fully functional financial “battlestation” armed with a “deathray” of sports, music and life knowledge.

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