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If you having been struggling with your trades, don’t know what strategy to pick, can’t seem to be profitable, are a nervous wreck before or after putting on a trade, or you just don’t know where to start…  StockJocknRoll provides consulting guidance on building automated strategies, backtests or mentorship to speed up your trading education.

Initial one hour free consultation by phone or skype conversation to discuss your trading thoughts or situation.  Just fill in form information below.

Ideas for additional consulting for a fee.

  1. Mentorship – Trade with you live in person for one week at location of choice.
  2. Daily/Weekly coaching calls
  3. Provide four Mean Reversion strategies and exact code from my end of day signals on
  4. Market Psychology Test – consists of 120 item questionnaire based on the 5 factor model of personality.  Your results will help you better understand how your personality impacts your trading.

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