Ghost Exchange: The Movie – Available now on iTunes

Ghost Exchange: The Movie – Available now on iTunes

Ghost Exchange probes the current state of US capital markets, the impact of high frequency and algorithmic trading, the lack of, or ineffective regulatory oversight and the risks that are now inherent in our markets by going right to the source –Wall Street’s leading insiders – who shine a light on startling signs that the US stock market has built so much speed and complexity into the current system that it is impossible to regulate.  The system has become – a Ghost Exchange.

HFT: The Movie – Interview with Camilla Sullivan, Director, Ghost Exchange

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  1. JKSTL21 says:

    This looks fascinating to me…the world of trading has evolved to being as much IT-based as technically and fundamentally-based…now we’re writing scripts/algorithms and tweaking the parameters, and programming code is doing the trading…certainly the human element is still involved as the parameters need to be changed as support and resistance lines move based on market activity and volume…but the velocity with which the market moves now as computers react to conditions instantaneously makes it a much trickier endeavor now…

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