Trading Song of the Week “Move Your Feet”

Some weeks StockJocknRoll features a trading song of the week to review. This week song is “Move Your Feet” by Junior Senior.

I strongly recommend turning off CNBC and integrating music into your trading day. 30 minutes prior to open, during the slower lunch hour and to study/research/analysis after hours.

Move Your Feet” is the current song being featured in the Google Chomebook commercial – For Everything Built-in.  The commercial has just about everything, The Jetsons, Power Rangers, and Wonder Woman.

According to Wikipedia Junior Senior, a Danish pop musical duo from Denmark.  The song, released in 2003 was Junior Senior’s biggest hit, reaching #3 in the United Kingdom and #20 in Australia, and played at dance clubs all over the world.  Junior Senior called it quits in late 2008. but everybody knows that a truly great dance song never dies.

Music will improve your mood, emotional, psychological state of mind and improve your trading. Give the commercial a look and listen to the full song below.

Check out the ChromeBook comercial: For Everything Built-in

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